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Mic on Stage

Dalia Lily has been imagining melodies since she was 6 years old. She was born and raised in northern Virginia to Lebanese parents. Colored by the influences of Middle Eastern, Latin, South American and Western music, she has created a style all her own. She translated her ideas into music by beginning her career on the piano at that same age. By the age of 13, she had created an instrumental album of these compositions and won multiple composition competitions for her state. She made the move into singing and songwriting in the middle of high school and honed her skills by performing jazz through high school and into college. 

Now, she is delving into her sound as a performance artist. She is performing solo and in musical groups around the DC metro area. She is continuing to create music and make existing songs her own during her shows. Songwriting has been a way for Dalia to understand and release her own emotions and experiences. She believes she is not alone in the things she feels and wants to ensure that her listeners feel they have a voice through her music. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a song that perfectly explains your situation and Dalia knows the value of this. Music is provocative. Whether it evokes sadness or healing, it has the power to move people. Music is universal and Dalia Lily hopes that no matter who hears her music, they are moved.

Dalia Lily in Flowing Blue Dress
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